National Archeology Days: Dig along with real archeologists!

During the National archeology Days (Nationale Archeologiedagen) on October 12th and 13th, you can get to work as a real archeologist! The volunteer archeological society will organize a number of activities for all ages in our open air museum.

At the start of the fall holidays, get started helping with all kinds of daily archeological tasks. Together with the volunteer archeological society AVKP/AWN and the Erfgoedhuis (Heritage House), we will participate in the National Archeology Days. Assist with gluing together jars, search for coins in our miniature dig site, reassemble a skeleton or take a Virtual Reality trip through middle age Eindhoven.  There will also be time to use modern technology: determine finds by using the microscope in the Ambachtshuis or search in our sandbox using a metal detector. During our daily tours on the 12th and 13th, adults can receive additional information regarding the archeological background of our various buildings. The young ones can take part in our special children’s tour: which items in our buildings are found by archeologists and how do the unravel the rest of our history from them?

Freely accessible will be our archeology consultation, just before the entrance at our reception. Here you can have your own finds reviewed by an archeologist from the Eindhoven area and determine its origins! Is it really that old? What was it used for and when? Come and find out!