Heksia: The magical world of witches and heathens

Whitchcraft lives! During Easter you can dive into the world of rituals and magic at the preHistorisch Dorp.

How were the yearly festivals celebrated in the past? Why did we used to burn witches? And did you know that witches still exist today? Come and be amazed by the rituals, the differences and similarities in having faith in gods, and in life after death. Put yourself to the test on the scales, rummage around the witchcraft trinkets sold at the market, and listen to the spellbinding tales told in the storyteller’s attic. 

This is a new festival; one we wish to celebrate with everyone who feels connected to the rituals from the past as well as with those who are curious about the magical world oh witches and heathens.

Keep an eye on our website and Facebookpage to keep yourself up to date about the latest news, lectures, rituals, and witches at this brand new event in the preHistorisch Dorp.

Want to be the first to park your broom in front of our gate? Make sure you buy your tickets in the presale!

  • Early bird Heksia up to and including March 31: € 10,-
  • Entrance Heksia from April 1: € 12,50