Ascension Weekend: Herbal Wise Women and Potion-Mixers

Ascension Weekend:  Herbal Wise Women and Potion-Mixers

Discover the magical world of herbs and plants during the Ascension weekend: Learn that there’s an herb for everything!

Herbs and plants played an important role throughout the ages. Not only used for food, but also as medicines or key ingredients for things like dying wool. Some plants are surrounded by stories, like the mandrake root. Legend says that when you pull it from the ground it yells and that hearing that yell can kill whoever hears it. Other plants can be used to poison people, making them very dangerous.

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Groots Vikingfestival met 300 Vikingen

De Vikingen vallen het preHistorisch Dorp binnen! Het grootse Vikingfestival brengt dit jaar bijna 300 Vikingen naar Eindhoven van 8 t/m 10 juni. Het hele dorp wordt drie dagen lang overspoeld door een kampement van ambachtslieden, handelaars en krijgers.

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Een weekend vol paasactiviteiten

Bij ons vier je 3 dagen lang Pasen. Traditiegetrouw gaan we lekker aan de slag met eieren! Je kan paaseieren versieren met verschillende kleuren in het Ambachtenhuis, symbolen van klei maken, eieren zoeken en nog veel meer.

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Easter Brunch in the preHistorisch Dorp

Celebrate spring and enjoy a delicious Easter Brunch with your family at the preHistorisch Dorp.

Come and indulge yourself in our historical inn on the first or second day of Easter. Weather permitting, we’ll have brunch outside! Once you’ve had your fill, take your time to enjoy the living history in our museum: tours, workshops, animals, games, and much more. During Easter we will be open from 10:00-17:00, including Monday!

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