back to basic: spend a prehistoric night

Grab your things and take an adventure thousands of years into the past. Take this unique chance to spend the night in prehistoric times. On Saturday, July 6th the preHistorisch Dorp is hosting a sleep-over.

But don’t think you’ll get to hang around and do nothing! Together we’ll learn how to build a fire using flint and steel. You’ll be set to work grinding grain, chopping wood and preparing a prehistoric meal as a group on the wood fire.

Experience a prehistoric summer evening sitting around the campfire with stories and music. When your eyelids start to drop, you’ll hit the hay, sleeping in the prehistoric farm either on a straw-tick or sheepskin.

The following day you'll enjoy your homemade breakfast breads and there will be time for some crafts with the Sonderlinge Leiden in the Artisan’s House. We’ll finish the sleep-over with delicious hearty sandwiches.

The next day when you’re back in your busy 21st century routine you’ll long to go back and sit around that relaxing crackling campfire again…

Do you wish to immerse yourself fully in the past and dress in historical clothing? Go for the clothing package and spend these days in a prehistoric outfit handmade in our own workshop.


Date: 6 and 7 July 2019 

Time: Saturday 10:30 until Sunday 13:00 (entrance to park for entire day)

Locatie: Beef farmhouse, preHistorisch Dorp 

Adults: € 69,- p.p. 
Children until the age of 11: € 49,- p.p. (maximum of 3 children per adult for safety reasons)

Included in the price:

  • One overnight in an ancient farmhouse
  • Lunch day 1: pancakes
  • Diner day 1: vegetables soup and a nice dish full of cereals
  • Breakfast day 2: homemade breads from the oven
  • Lunch day 2: stuffed sandwiches
  • All the materials needed for the activities
  • Professional support
  • Tour

Rental historical clothing € 24,50 pp.

Waht should you bring? 
Sleepingbag (and optional a pillow)
Good shoes and warm (under)clothes and/or waterproof clothing

Maximum of 30 participants 

The audience 
Everybody from 4 till 99 years old who is interested in a weekend back to basic.
Children under 16 can participate if they are accompied by a adult participant.