Easter Brunch in the preHistorisch Dorp

Celebrate spring and enjoy a delicious Easter Brunch with your family at the preHistorisch Dorp.

Come and indulge yourself in our historical inn on the first or second day of Easter. Weather permitting, we’ll have brunch outside! Once you’ve had your fill, take your time to enjoy the living history in our museum: tours, workshops, animals, games, and much more. During Easter we will be open from 10:00-17:00, including Monday!

The Brunch

You’ve never had an Easter Brunch like the one you’ll find at the preHistorisch Dorp. Come join us at 10:00  in the 16th century Herberg Den Bonten Os, to enjoy the buffet. The buffet is loaded with cold and warm dishes: quiche, salad, diverse gourmet spreads and Easter bread. Fruit juices, coffee, tea and milk are included. Don’t think we forgot about the sweet side of things! Croissants, chocolate breads, and sweet spreads are also at the ready.

Ideal for families

There’s no better place than the preHistorisch Dorp for Easter Brunch with the whole family. Not only will the brunch foods appeal to children, there is more than enough to do in addition to enjoying the food. While the last at the table are still enjoying their drinks, children can participate in historical activities. The brunch closes at 11:00 and your family can then explore the museum to complete your day out.

On the Menu

 Easter bread, brioche bread, mini breads, soft white breads, croissants, chocolate bread, Bundt cake

Butter, spreads, cheeses, sausages and sweet spreads

Gourmet spreads like brie, filet americain, blue cheese, egg salad, salmon salad, etc

Fresh green salads with field salad, asparagus, poached eggs, avocado, croutons, and lime-pesto dressing

Salmon quiche

Hearty egg tart

Fruit juices/fruit drinks/coffee/tea/milk


Want to be sure you’ve got a place at the table? Don’t delay and buy a ticket. We have a limited amount of tables available. All tickets include entry to the preHistorisch Dorp.

Adult Ticket: € 32,50

Child Ticket : (4-11 years old): € 25,50

Babies & Toddlers: (0-3 years old): free lunch and museum entry


The Artisan’s Craft Lab is starting!

The Artisan’s Craft Lab is starting!

Come join us! The Artisan’s Craft lab is re-opening. Are you between 8 and 12 years old? Are you looking for something creative to do on Wednesday afternoons? Come with friends or by yourself to the preHistorisch Dorp. Disappear for an afternoon into another age and make something beautiful with your own hands!

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Kidsproof award 2018: Best museum of Noord-Brabant. Third Best in the Netherlands

More than 4000 Museum inspectors have chosen peHistoric Villagen to  the "Kidsproof museum 2018 of Noord-Brabant". The brandnew Secretary for Education, Culture and Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven, handed out the awards. On top of that, the museum is the third best open-air museum of the Netherlands.

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3 en 4 augustus: spinnersweekend

Wol- en Spinliefhebbers opgelet! Op 3 en 4 augustus houden wij een spinnersweekend. Je bent deze twee dagen welkom om alles te ontdekken over de geschiedenis van het spinnen van wol en vlas, maar vooral om zélf mee te doen.

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