Make your business meeting unforgettable

A business meeting turns into an unforgettable happening at the preHistorisch Dorp. Meeting in an inn? Barbecuing at a medieval village square? Working together the whole time like people in prehistoric times? Dive into the atmosphere of days past with your company and experience a meeting like never before.


A brainstorm session, a lengthy meeting or a quarterly meeting? The preHistorisch Dorp offers new insights and energy for all kinds of meetings. Gather in a fully equipped room at the top of the inn and stretch your legs in a unique historical setting. 

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Team Building

Boost the team spirit at the preHistorisch Dorp. Travel back in time and try to survive together with the historical resources. Get to know your teammates better and you might even find yourself… 

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Dinner parties

The innkeeper of Herberg Den Bonten Os welcomes you at a crackling wood fire. Enjoy some drinks and dinner with colleagues.

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Company Party

Will your office party go down in history? Celebrate successes together in the tasteful setting of the preHistorisch Dorp, for an experience you will never forget. 

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