Meetings in the preHistorisch Dorp

Whether it’s a brainstorm session, lengthy arbitration discussion, or quarterly meeting, the preHistorisch Dorp in Eindhoven offers an inspirational location to get together. You will be hospitably and personally welcomed into this day of work in an entirely different era. That guarantees new energy and insights!

In the middle of the village, on the first floor of the Inn - Herberg Den Bonten Os, you’ll find a small, stylish conference room complete with air conditioning. The room is ideal for brainstorm sessions or focused discussions without interruptions.

Ready for a break? Stretch your legs in a unique historical setting. If that’s not quite inspirational enough, the preHistorisch Dorp is located in the middle of the green Genneper Parks with excellent walking trails.

Why you should book a meeting at the preHistorisch Dorp:

  • Unique historical setting, close to the center of Eindhoven
  • Stylish and modern space for maximum of 14 people
  • Airconditioning, beamer and screen
  • Free wifi
  • Personal and professional service
  • Gorgeous location
  • Free parking available
  • Inn to be booked additionally for a maximum of 50 people

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