Celebrate your birthday at preHistoric Village

Come party at preHistoric Village! Together with your friends we will turn it in a historical feast ! We won't tell what we got planned exactly, of course. But count on it, afterwards you will smell of a campfire and that you will leave with a beautiful amulet you made yourself. And if it is your birthday, you will get a nice present!


97.50 Euro (for a maximum of 10 children and 2 adult supervisors)*

* For extra children we will charge 9.75 Euro per child and for adults 5.00 Euro per person.

Practical information

  • Children parties can be booked on Wednesday and Friday from 2 PM until 5 PM. (not during school holidays)
  • You will be recieved by a historical dweller of the village, who will guide you and explain all the activities.
  • We ask you frindly to bring enough adult supervision, minimum of 1 adult oer 5 children. If the companianing adults take an active part and keep an eye on the proceedings, your historical guide can make the partly go as smoothly as possible.
  • Take into account you can get really dirty at preHistoric Village. So take care to wear sturdy shoes ans clothing that you can mess around in.
  • The period of November until March can also be booked for kids parties at preHistoric Village. The programme will be in accordance with the weather!.

TIP: Do you want to stay for dinner? That is possible! We can organise this to your wishes when you book your party.

Ask for the possibilities via info@prehistorischdorp.nl