Historic wedding

Weddings at the preHistorisch Dorp

The preHistorisch Dorp is a unique wedding location. Located by the water, surrounded by the nature of the Genneper Parken, you’ll say your vows with a backdrop of historic building from the iron age, Roman era, and middle ages. Get married in the past to start a beautiful future together. 

Please note: due to the current corona measures, it's unfortunately not possible to book a wedding in 2021. Do you wish to only arrange a photoshoot at the preHistorisch Dorp? Please contact us for the possibilities.

Writing history together

How will you write history together? Will you be wed as a noble couple? Or do you prefer something more daring? Do you seek romance or adventure? The preHistorisch Dorp has everything needed to celebrate you dream wedding or partnership. 

Wedding in the Adellijke Hoeve
Will you be wed in the Adellijke Hoeve? Celebrate a special wedding ceremony in this homestead from the early middle ages and home of a noble family. Keep the historic atmosphere alive by following it up with a reception, a festive dinner, and/or the wedding party in the Adellijke Hoeve.

Wedding at the Heilige Eik
Will you both say ‘yes’ on sacred ground? Celebrate an adventurous wedding ceremony in our prehistoric area, for instance under the holy oak tree. Make a spectacular entrance in a dugout canoe, say your vows in the ancient Celtic manner with hand fasting, and experience your day together with the old gods and surrounded by historical music.

We are happy to create a ceremony together with you and tailored to your wishes. 

Your wedding in the preHistorisch Dorp

A wedding in an open-air museum is a unique experience for you and your guests. Say your vows at a place where the past, present, and future come together.

●    An official wedding location since 2020
●    From the ceremony to the party at a single location
●    Unique backdrop for your wedding pictures
●    Tailored to your wishes
●    During good and bad weather

Would you like to know more about our historic weddings?

We are more than happy to help create a beautiful wedding day for you and will do all that we can do to make your celebration an historic one. To learn more about the possibilities please contact us at 040 - 252 22 81 or via info@prehistorischdorp.nl