The Park

Survive six historical eras. Visit the times of hunter/gatherers, the first farmers, native Roman times, Franks and Vikings, the era of trade and cities until the Eighty Years War. Walk through the historical buildings which were archeologically reconstructed.

And besides all this, play historical games,  make Primal Selfies, check out the REDBAD filming locations and discover the Timechests. The Virtual Augmented Reality App Time Viewer will make the farms and cottages come to life! Download the app at home

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The 'Bonten Oss' Inn

Would you like to have a bite to eat during your visit? Our Innkeeper serves you the freshest meals prepared with the utmost care

Opening hours:

During the weekend and during school vacations 11 AM until 5 PM

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Discover the Time Chests

Time chests are hidden througout the museum. Within you can find extra information about the era you find yourself in. The chests will show you more about everyday life. clothing, food and the skills people mastered in order to survive. Can you find them all?

Historical Events

Will you make a Primal Selfie with the Time Viewer Augmented Reality experience?

Meet the historical residents on their fields, crafters cottages and farmsteads. 

Daily guided tours starting a 1 PM from the Medieval Market Square. For guests with an intellectual disability we offer custom designed tours. Are you interested or would you like more information? We request you to contact us by phone.

Every wednesday (till July 4) you can join the Historical Craftslab from 3PM till 5PM. Here you can bake bread, make cheese, weave or forge - every weer there is an other project.

The Timeviewer

The Timeviewer will take you back to historical scenes from 15,000 years ago up to the Eighty Years War. The Mixed Reality experience combines Virtual and Augmented Reality. Read more or watch the video.


30 - 31 maart 2019

Zaterdag 30 maart komt Kinderburgemeester Loïs van Rooij de poorten van het preHistorisch Dorp openen voor het nieuwe seizoen. Zeker toepasselijk, omdat het museum eind vorig jaar nog werd verkozen tot hét Kidsproof Museum van Noord-Brabant.

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De Romeinen komen!
28 april t/m 5 mei 2019

In het preHistorisch Dorp in Eindhoven nemen de Romeinen de hele week het roer over. Bezoek de mannen én vrouwen uit die tijd. 

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Hemelvaart: gifmengers en kruidenvrouwtjes
30, 31 mei en 1 juni 2019

Ontdek tijdens het Hemelvaart-weekeinde de magische wereld van planten & kruiden: Tegen alles is wel een kruid gewassen!

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