Birthday? Celebrate your kids party with us!

Come party at preHistoric Village! Together with your friends we will turn it in a historical feast ! We won't tell what we got planned exactly, of course. But count on it, afterwards you will smell of a campfire and that you will leave with a beautiful amulet you made yourself. And if it is your birthday, you will get a nice present!

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Family day

Close to the city centre of Eindhoven and in the middle of the Genneper Parks preHistoric Village offers you a unique location where you can enjoy a all-in family day.

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Team outings

Looking for an active and unique day out with your group, club or team? Then you can't go wrong with preHistoric Village in Eindhoven.

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(Girl)friends day

Plan  unique day with your friends at preHistoric Village. You can make it as extreme as you want! But of course there is plenty of room for relaxing as well.

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A Historical Wedding

Are you looking for a unique wedding location that reflects the infinite depth of your love? If so, the preHistoric Village is the perfect location. In natural suurroundings, on the shore of a little lake, the historical buildings offer an exclusive, athmospheric ambiance where past, present and future come together.

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preHistoric Village is coming to you

Do you have reduced mobility or other reasons that make it difficult to visit us? We can bring the past to you! In one afternoon you will acquaint yourself with the different aspects of one of the six eras that our museum depicts. All your senses will be stimulated! We will tell you, in historical dress, what life used to be like long ago and let you smell, taste and feel materials people had access to in earlier times. Different crafts, like working leather, cloth or bone will demonstrated. Or if you want, you can have a go yourself. This way we bring the museum to you! 

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