The Park

Travel back in time

Experience history; travel 15.000 years in one day! Visit the early hunter/gatherers, the first farmers, Roman outposts, Franks & Vikings, trade, growth of cities, all the way up to the Eighty Years War. Meet inhabitants in centuries-old farms and homesteads. Try some historical games, take a Time-Traveling-Selfie and discover Time Chests!

Herberg Den Bonten Os

Looking for a bite to eat? The Herberg Den Bonten Os proudly serves artisanal foods and drinks made with locally sourced ingredients.

Opening times

Starting March 30th we are open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00-17:00.  We are open on Mondays on holidays and in school-vacations.

 We are also open to hosting celebrations, events and meetings year round at the preHistorisch Dorp.

The Tijdkijker

The Tijdkijker app puts you in the middle of historical scenes ranging from 15.000 years ago to the Eighty Years War. Go on a scavenger hunt through time and discover six real archeological objects located in different houses. When you’ve found them, the app will give you a task to complete. You can also take amazing Time-Traveling-Selfies; you’ll see what you would look like as a member of nobility or as a fierce hunter. Did you find all the locations and complete the tasks correctly? Then you’ve become a real Time Traveller! Download the app in the Apple Store or Google Playstore and explore all nine locations.

Historical Experiences


Meet our historical inhabitants in their homes, hard at work on their homesteads, or working on their crafts in six different eras. Join a time guide for a tour daily at 14:30. During weekends and in the vacations an extra tour is given at 12:30.

We offer custom tours for visitors with a learning impairment. Please call to make arrangements.

Artisan's Craft Lab

Have you always wanted to try forging metal? Or maybe you’d rather learn how to make a leather bag? Children between the ages of 8 and 12 are invited to join us on Wednesday afternoons between 15:00-17:00 to get creative in the historical Artisan’s Craft Lab!

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Discover the Time Chests

Time Chests are hidden throughout the entire museum. Inside, you'll find extra information about the period that's all around you. The chests have more information about everyday life: clothing, what they ate, and skills that everyone knew. Can you find them all?


Summer vacation 2019: Shoot back into time
6 juli t/m 18 augustus

New historical adventures await you 7 days a week in the preHistorisch Dorp! Open from 10:00-17:00 every day during the summer vacation. Experience the history of archery, try baking bread on a fire, watch medieval artisans or experience a real encampment of knights! Chat with the inhabitants and join them as they go about their daily lives. This might just be the only museum in the Netherlands where you’re allowed to get a bit dirty, is there any better way to learn more about history?

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3 en 4 augustus: spinnersweekend

Wol- en Spinliefhebbers opgelet! Op 3 en 4 augustus houden wij een spinnersweekend. Je bent deze twee dagen welkom om alles te ontdekken over de geschiedenis van het spinnen van wol en vlas, maar vooral om zélf mee te doen. Neem je eigen spintol of –wiel mee en sluit aan bij onze spingroep om de beste draden te spinnen in een prachtige historische omgeving. Wij zorgen voor wol!

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Ridders in het preHistorisch Dorp
17 en 18 augustus 2019

Een compleet ridderkampement, precies zoals dat eind 15e eeuw bij de middeleeuwse stad stond, neemt op 17 en 18 augustus bezit van het preHistorisch Dorp in de Genneper Parken.

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