Opening hours

Tuesday till Sundag
11 AM - 5 PM

Opened on Monday on Holidays, including Easter and Pentecost, and during school vacations

Closed on Kingsday April 27th. Season ending on Sunday October 28th.

Special arrangements such as birthday parties, family events, teambuilding, meetings and group activities are possible all year round.

Check here for  itinerary.

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Price of admission are €9.50. Children under 3, personal care attendants* and Museumkaarthouders enjoy free admission.

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Receive your tickets via e-mail. Without any additional costs.

Children under age of 16 must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

*Maximum of one attendant per person, not in combination with arrangements.

Season Pass

With a season pass you can enjoy free admission through out the season. Experience all special events; historical Easter, the Vikingmarket, a siege during the Eighty Years' War, survival in prehistory and many more. The atmosphere at the Medieval Market Square is always lovely! During the weekend you can enjoy a nice lunch in the 'Den Bonten Oss' inn. And on Wednesdays you can make the most beautiful historical objects in the Historical Craftslab with a different activity every week!

This all is available for only € 24,95 at the reception.

Families enjoy a 15% discount!


What are your opening hours? During our season we are opened Tuesday to Sunday from 11 AM until 5 PM. During school holidays we are also opened on Monday.

What is the price of admission? Price of admission are € 9.50. Children under 3, personal care attendants* and Museumkaarthouders enjoy free admission.

Is my Museumkaart valid? Absolutely, with your museumkaart you can enjoy free admission**.

Can I get a family discount? No, but if you want to visit us more often you can get very advantagous season pass. For this see our Website.

Do you have season passes? Yes, with these passes you will have free admission the whole season.

Can I bring my dog? Yes, as long as it on a leash it is also very welcome at het museum.

Do you have special events? Yes, ranging from special themed weeks and weekends to extra activities. Look for further information in our Events section on this Website.

Can I pay by Debit/Credit Card? Yes. you can pay by debit card at the entrance office and you can pay exclusively with your card at 'Den Bonten Oss' inn. We accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards only.

Are there guided tours available at the museum? Yes, daily starting at 1 PM from the Medieval Market Square. For guests with an intellectual disability we offer custom designed tours. Are you interested or would you like more information? We request you to contact us by phone. Besides the regular tour you can also take a virtual tour. This Timeviewer is an app you can  download at home in advance of your visit. 

Does preHistorisch Dorp offer easy access for disabled persons? Yes, the pathways are paved and all houses are wheelchair accessable. Naturally, also guests with mobilty scooters are very welcome at the museum.

Can I purchase any meals at the museum? Yes, you can enjoy a lovely lunch at the 'Den Bonten Os' Inn. Check its openingtimes at the Herberg section on this website.

Can I charge my mobile phone at the museum? Yes, you can at the 'Den Bonten Os' inn.

Is there FREE WIFI available? Yes, through out the museum you can enjoy FREE WIFI.

Can I smoke in the museum? Smoking is only permitted in the smoking areas.

Can I participate in the activities? Yes, there are several activities where you and your children can join in, under supervision. Look for further information in our Activities section on the Website.

Is there a photographer at the museum? Yes, preHistorisch Dorp has its own photographer. The photo's can be usd in PR.

Do you speak English? On request all activities can also be offered in English.

Do you have more questions? You can contact us by e-mail or by Phone 0031 40 252 22 81.

*Maximum of one attendant per person, not in combination with arrangements.

**During special events an extra fee can be charged. If this is this case it will be mentioned on the events section on the website.