Corona guidelines

Corona guidelines

A safe visit to the preHistorisch Dorp

We'll do everything we can to make sure you're safe during your visit to the preHistorisch Dorp. We wish to welcome everyone in a safe and responsible way. Therefore we conform to the Dutch RIVM guidelines and the protocols of the Dutch Museumvereniging. The rules below are constantly monitored and updated when needed. It is advised that you check this page right before you visit us.

Rules and guidelines

Making a reservation online is recommended.

At the moment there is a maximum on the amount of visitors we allow in our museum every day. In order to monitor this maximum and guarantee your visit, we ask you to book your tickets online before you get here to avoid disappointment at the entrance. Registration of visit is mandatory. Only come to the museum in the time slot indicated on your ticket.

Keep 1,5 meter distance to other groups.

Our museum offers more than enough space to keep distance from each other: wide paths, big fields, and roomy farms. Therefore, please keep 1,5 meters away from other groups.

The museum is open at limited times.

The museum is closed from 13:00 to 13:30 hours, except for workdays outside of the Dutch school holidays. Before 9:30 and after 17:00 hours the museum is also closed for visitors.

The restaurant is open.

Our catering facility, the Inn 'Herberg Den Bonten Os', is open for guests. If you want to eat here you will be assigned a place to sit. It's also possible to get food and drinks at the inn and consume it somewhere else in the park. There are many diverse places to sit where this is possible.

The activities continue.

All our activities take place according to the guidelines of the Dutch RIVM.

Stay home when you have symptoms.

On arrival we do a health check. Do you have any symptoms? Then stay home.