Children’s party

Celebrate your birthday in the past!

Treat your birthday boy or girl and the chosen partygoers with a children’s party at the preHistorisch Dorp. The children go on an adventurous treasure hunt through which they experience the history together. Will they celebrate victory as well …? 

●    Possible on any day we're open
●    Complete your party with a feast at the inn. 
●    From € 12,50 per child
●    Suitable for all ages

Treasure hunt: find the 6 treasures before it’s too late ...

A time guide welcomes the birthday boy or girl with all their friends and tells an exciting story right away. The ancestors of Roland Swarttand have hidden 6 treasures at the preHistorisch Dorp. The partygoers go on a journey through 10,000 years during which they carry out adventurous assignments to find the treasures. Will they find all 6 treasures in time? If so, a nice reward awaits …

Complete the children’s party for € 17,50 per child

You can bet those adventures will make the children hungry and thirsty. Book a feast at the inn of the preHistorisch Dorp and benefit from an extra discount on the entrance fee. 

Choose from: 

●    Pancake party with lemonade
●    Table fries & snacks with lemonade
●    2 hotdogs with lemonade

These extras are available for € 5,- per child. Your total price per child comes down to € 17,50 and includes entrance and the treasure hunt. 

Your children’s party at the preHistorisch Dorp

●    Available for booking on dates from April 1 until October 31 2021
●    Starting time of your own choice, you’re allowed to stay until the end of your time slot
●    Price per child from € 12,50 (includes entrance)
●    Expandable with food or snacks and drinks
●    You’re allowed to bring your own food and drinks
●    Includes a well-filled goodie bag
●    Tip for the invitation: make sure to bring sturdy shoes and clothes that can get dirty, because you’re allowed to get muddy at the preHistorisch Dorp.

Questions or ready to make a reservation?

You can easily request a children's party via our request form. Please note: the form is in Dutch, and the children's party is currently only available in Dutch too.
Mail to or call 040 - 252 22 81 for more information. 
Roland Swarttand waits for your help … 

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