School trip

School trip

Take the entire school to the open air museum

Come to the prreHistorisch Dorp with your school and experience the best (school) journey through time! In primary education, we take the children to all the times that you can experience in our museum: from prehistoric times to the late Middle Ages. The Middle Ages are central to secondary education, where you can see beautiful crafts and perform many skills yourself. Curious? Then look further for additional information.

School trip for all ages

A school trip through time for primary education

Discover our history by grabbing it, smelling it and tasting it. The open-air museum is all about doing things yourself. Primary school children enjoy a day packed with activities. They go exploring themselves and wander through the farms and houses in completely different times. Be convinced by a selection of the activities you can do:

● Aim… loose! Learn from an archer how to hit the bullseye.
● Grrrowl… listen to a story of a Stone Age hunter.
● Abracadabra ... learn how to make a fire with a flint.
● Pick up the thread again and learn to weave from a belt weaver.
● Pssst! Have you discovered the secret path along the water yet?
● Kling, klang! How do you forge a sword? The blacksmith shows it.
● Splash! Paddle through the water in a tree trunk canoe.
●… and much more!

A medieval school trip for secondary education

Would you like to be a farmer, a citizen or rather someone of nobility? That's unfortunate! In the Middle Ages, you had little choice. This program focuses on the medieval class society, where children learn what it was like to be a farmer, citizen, nobility or clergy. What advantages and disadvantages did each stand have? Children carry out activities that suit every position and are introduced to the human side of the harsh medieval society. Or was it not so bad? Children travel to medieval life and discover it for themselves.

Practical information

  • Duration: 2-5 hours
  • Age: 12 years and older

The students walk independently through the historic open-air museum with a map and puzzle. By exploring the museum, students solve the puzzle in a playful way. Stroll through the park, undertake activities and investigate everything. In the museum, the students undertake all kinds of activities themselves. Some activities are supervised by a historic resident and are linked to the state society. From archery to candle making and felting wool: during this program, children experience many crafts and activities from the Middle Ages.