What to expect

Experience history up close!

The preHistorisch Dorp in Eindhoven is the replica of a prehistoric and medieval village, complete with dwellings and demonstrations of skills used by historic people. The open-air museum recreates life from this and later eras. Experience history by discovering the museum by yourself. On your way, you’ll meet hunters from the Stone Age, farmers from prehistoric times, and craftsmen from the Middle Ages. Stop for a chat and be amazed by their stories about daily life in the past.

The preHistorisch Dorp has been elected as the best Kidsproof museum of Noord-Brabant for 3 years in a row!


Other things you’ll enjoy discovering:

●    Time Boxes 
These are hidden all around the village. You can open them for more information regarding the era in which you find yourself. The boxes will show you what everyday life was like back then: the clothing, the food, and the techniques used. Will you find them all?

●    Quest (app) 
Begin your quest to discover the six authentic archaeological finds located in various houses. And while on your quest make sure to take a pre-historic selfie: change into a mighty hunter or perhaps a nobleperson using your phone’s camera!

Download the free Tijdkijker app to travel back and relive historic scenes from 15.000 years ago till the 80 Years’ war.

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Would you prefer to be guided through the village? Then check out the possibilities to discover it together with us.

Discover it together with us

Don’t know where to start? Or do you want to learn even more? Then discover the preHistorisch Dorp together with us. Walk with our guide, or an audio guide, and let them tell you all about life in the various eras while visiting all the highlights. And after a bite and a drink in the inn Den Bonten Os, you can continue on your own or take part in one of the historical activities like archery or band weaving. 

●    Audio tour (app) 
Would you like to learn more about what you see but at your own pace? Then follow our audio tour to nine locations in the village. Have a good look around and listen to all the extra information regarding your current location. Bring your own headset or purchase a pair at the ticket office for only € 1,-. 

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Inn Den Bonten Os

Always open and full of atmosphere: the inn at the middle ages’ market square. Shelter from the rain, play a middle ages’ game and enjoy freshly made local dishes and beverages.

Discover the medieval inn


Sometimes you do not need to choose between discovering the village together, or on your own.  Why not dive right in and take part in one of the preHistorisch Dorp’s special packages! 

Do you have something to celebrate or do you just want to make your day at the preHistorisch Dorp extra special? We have all you need to write your own history!

A selection of our group offers: 

●    School trip
●    Children’s party
●    Historic wedding
●    Business meeting

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