School camp

School camp

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Prehistoric school camp

Will you join us at Eversham? This typical Iron Age village will be your home for the next few days!

The prehistoric school camp focuses on surviving. During this camp you’ll set out to try the daily tasks of an Iron Age farmer. From cleaving wood to making fire, and from grinding grain to baking bread – the children will be able to keep themselves alive after this camp and they’ll probably learn to appreciate the modern age more! There’ll be plenty of time to play as well –games that prehistoric children played of course! Try out the dugout canoe, throw a spear or play one of the other prehistoric games.

Medieval school camp

Will you join us at Endehoven? During the next few days you’ll live in our Noble Farmstead, just like the first rulers of our town.

The medieval school camp focuses on crafts and trades. The children work as blacksmiths and leatherworkers, weavers and bakers, the same way people did 1000 years ago. They’ll bake bread, make candles, saw, cleave, and cook. Everything is done exactly as in the age of monks and knights. There’ll be plenty of time to play as well! Why not try out the dugout canoe or the bow and arrows? But be warned, the kids might not want to leave once camp is finished!

Practical information school camp


  • 24 hour programme: € 46,20 per person.
  • 48 hour programme: € 84,- per person.
  • Food, historical supervisor, materials, and overnight stay are included in the price.
  • Minimum 20 students.
  • We expect at least 1 supervisor per 7 students from the participating school.
  • Would you rather eat organic? It’s possible to book our programmes with organic products and meat. Ask about the possibilities.

Would you like to stay longer? That’s possible! Book the Not Going Home Yet arrangement and add a 4 hour programme to your stay for only € 17,50 per person.

Practical information school camp

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