Business events: survive the past

To make your team building event or corporate gathering a success, you truly need to step away from your own workspace. So how about travelling 400 years into the past? Experience an unforgettable business event together with your team, colleagues, or customers at the preHistorisch Dorp.

  • Starting at € 29.50 per person, including VAT and admission
  • For groups from 8 to 30 people
  • We can receive multiple groups at the same time
  • Any day from Monday till Friday, excl. school holidays
  • Available in Dutch and English

Survive prehistory

You really get to know each other when you are in survival mode. This is ideal for team building and to discover the hidden talents of your colleagues. During “Survive prehistory” you will be emersed, together with your time guide, in activities from the past – from chopping wood to making fire and from archery to casting tin. What do you desire? Competition or cooperation? Both are possible.

Your program will including the following activities:

  • Briefing around a crackling fire
  • Twisting your own rope
  • Casting tin
  • Practicing archery 
  • Making fire
Survive prehistory

Historical open-air museum

A challenging program in the stunning preHistorisch Dorp. The historic open-air museum in the Genneper Parken in Eindhoven, where you shall wander through six historical eras. From 10.000 years ago till the Eighty Year’s War. On your way you will meet historical inhabitants who can tell you all about their era and are pleased to let you experience what life was like back then. You will surprise yourself as to what you are capable of!

Complete your package

At the preHistorisch Dorp you can literally spend centuries together. Which of these options will complete your business outing?

Guided tour
Book an exclusive one-hour guided tour through our open-air museum. A personal journey for your group, together with a guide who will be happy to answer all your questions. Read all about guided tours.

Food & drinks
From coffee with a pastry to a beer with the typically Dutch treat “bitterballen” in a medieval inn. And many more delicious bites. Book drinks, lunch, or dinner with our innkeeper.

Complete your package

The Loki mystery

Are you more of a fan of puzzles and escape rooms? Then try solving Loki's mystery! Loki is the god of chaos and lies and he challenges your company with six riddles. Who's best at solving riddles and who's good at cracking codes? Work together with your colleagues to solve the riddles, crack the cryptex code and escape from the past. 

Loki's mystery costs € 49.50 per group of up to 8 people.

Group mystery

The Loki mystery

Photo scavenger hunt

Or would you rather go looking for things around the museum? There are many special buildings and objects at the preHistorisch Dorp. The scavenger hunt sends you on a joint quest to all corners of the museum. An adventurous trip during which you really need to keep your eyes peeled. Something one member of your group misses, might just stand out to another member!

The photo scavenger hunt can be added to your arrangement for just  € 3 per person.

Scavenger hunt

Photo scavenger hunt


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