Purchasing or renting historical costumes

Purchasing or renting historical costumes

Renting or buying clothes from the preHistorisch Dorp

Would you like to go hunting in an Iron Age costume, strut around like a maiden from the Middle Ages or save a damsel in distress as a knight? At the preHistorisch Dorp you can purchase or rent authentic historical clothing.
In our own workshop we replicate historical garments exactly as they would have been in the past, using the same materials and techniques. You can choose from clothing or accessories from the Bronze Age until the 16th century and drape yourself in history.

Examples of historical clothing and accessories in our assortment:

•    Prehistoric robe
•    Medieval cotte
•    Brooch or hairnet
•    Shoes and hats


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Historical clothing for special occasions

In our workshop we are continuously band weaving, sewing, needle binding, embroidering, and knitting our historical clothing precisely according to the fashion rules of the period. This will make you feel extra special. For which occasion would you like to jump back in time? 

At the preHistorisch Dorp you can rent a historical costume for:

•    A fashion show
•    A historical event
•    Play or recital
•    A parade
•    A movie

To protect our clothing from wear and tear, we do not rent out for events where there’s a big chance of them being damaged. 

Historical clothing for special occasions

A historical costume from the earliest of ages

Travel far back in time with us in a unique historical costume. Pretend to be a hunter or gatherer from the Stone Age, Bronze Age, or Iron Age in clothing made from animal hides, plant-based materials, wool, and linen.  

Historical clothing from the Bronze Age (until 800 before Christ)

With our clothing from the Bronze Age you will dress yourself in simple pieces made from wool, linen, and leather. 


•    Wrapped skirt
•    Sprang hairnet
•    Woolen sweater 
•    Shawl

Historical clothing from the Iron Age (800 before Christ until 0)

Well dressed in the Iron Age? With headgear made of wool or leather, and a warm cloak with shirt and trousers from us, you’ll be all set. 


•    Shoes from cowhide
•    Pleated skirt
•    Thorsbjerg trousers

Historical clothing from the indigenous-Roman era (0 until 300 after Christ)

When the Romans came to our lands, our clothing changed as well. Finer fabrics and more flowing robes were worn.


•    Peplos
•    Indigenous-Roman tunic
•    Leather belt

A historical costume from the earliest of ages

An historical costume from a later era

For the eras beyond antiquity, you will find various outfits for children, ladies, and gentlemen in our workshop.

Historical clothing from the Middle Ages (500 - 1500 after Christ)

Will you play a poor farmer or someone of nobility? Let people see how underprivileged or mighty you are in the Middle Age clothing from the preHistorisch Dorp.


•    Medieval cotte
•    Tunic
•    Nobel costume
•    Monk’s habit

Historical clothing from the renaissance (1500 - 1600)

Feel wealthy in the colorful costumes from the renaissance and Eighty Years’ War and imagine yourself being far back in time.


•    Corset
•    Musketeer’s uniform
•    Renaissance dress
•    Hood
•    Specific type of large coat named a Paltsrok  or a doublet

An historical costume from a later era

Prices clothing rental and sale

A historical costume is rented for a minimum of one day. unless otherwise agreed upon between us. 

The price for clothing rental includes: 

•    Advice from our tailors
•    Viewing in our workshop
•    Washing and/or dry cleaning

Indications rental prices

•    Luxurious costume: € 50.- per day
•    Simple costume: € 40.- per day
•    Children’s costume: € 20.- per day
•    Shoes: € 10.- per day

Security Deposit (once per costume)

For the luxurious costumes we require a security deposit of € 100.-, and for all other clothing and shoes a security deposit of € 50.-. The deposit will be refunded when the clothing has been returned in good order.

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Historical clothing sales

Do you regularly need historical clothing, or do you wish to have a costume tailor made just for you? Then order a costume from our workshop, completely according to your wishes. The price will depend on the order and the clothing will be custom-made. Depending on the complexity and volume, it can take from 1 week up to several months for us to finish your order. Feel free to ask for more information.
Request your historical clothing using this form.

Would you like to visit our workshop? Please email us for an appointment without obligation.

More information or a fitting?

Would you like more information regarding our historical clothing, advice about which clothing best fits a certain era, or would you like to pick out and fit your costume? Then please make an appointment with our workshop at the preHistorisch Dorp in Eindhoven.

If you have any questions, please send an email to: kledingatelier@eindhovenmuseum.nl

Terms and conditions clothing rental

  • It's not possible to rent clothing with the aim of wearing it during your visit to the preHistorisch Dorp.
  • You’ll be able to choose from our extensive rental collection. We rent a wide variety of clothing but no weapons such as daggers and swords.
  • We don’t rent for occasions where there’s a high risk of damage occurring such as carnaval or a battle. When in doubt, please feel free to discuss it with us.
  • You’ll receive the clothing in good condition, please return them that way.
  • The rental price and security deposit can be paid using cash or bank card when you collect the clothing. Please make sure you have a valid ID with you as well.
  • The security deposit will be returned in cash or via bank transfer when you return the clothing. Unless of course the clothing is not returned in good condition.
  • Should something get damaged or lost? We will not put you in the stocks, but you will be expected to pay for the repairs or a replacement.
  • Washing and/or dry cleaning will be done by the preHistorisch Dorp unless the clothing is extremely dirty.
  • Decide to stay in your jeans? Cancellation of your clothing rental is free when done at least 5 workdays beforehand. Canceling later? Then you must pay 25% of the total rental sum up to a maximum of € 250.-