Look into history with Virtual Reality

Look around the preHistorisch Dorp in a 360 degrees video! ...
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Sunday Historical Midsummer Market

Practise ancient crafts and experience a prehistorical annual fair in preHistorisch Dorp ...
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de Tijdkijker NIEUW Virtual Reality

Beleef vervlogen tijdperken met virtual en augmented reality. Kijk hier de video. Historisch gebouwe...
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het museum in vogelvlucht

Historische workshops, rondleidingen, bewoners van vroeger, tijdkisten en de verhalen van lang vervl...
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Fancy a historical school trip?

Schools experience the history at our museum. Discover the Iron Age or imagine that you are in the M...
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Group arrangements

Discover bygone ages with colleges, friends, or family. A special ‘medieval’ ...
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Experience six historical time periods from Prehistory until late Middle Ages at the preHistorisch Dorp. A day out will turn into a real journey through time! You will learn everything about daily life in the past together with your family or class. Businesses also experience historical moments at our museum whether it is during a historical team day at Tavern Den Bonten Os or at our special meeting places. 

The history of Eindhoven and its surrounding areas from the 17th century onwards has been documented in a cultural historical city collection, on show at different locations in and around the Kempen (Campine). Eindhoven Museum organises expositions, events, lectures, and demonstrations. Together, living history and museum collection offer an authentic idea of old times from “Beginning to Eindhoven.”